Delivery & Returns


Presently our delivery of Mattresses is available to Brisbane metro area only. 

Note: you must provide clear access area for the delivery of goods. Difficult access requires prior notice and additional delivery personnel may be required and additional delivery charges may result.

You’re required to accept the delivery of goods within 14 days of a notification that your products are available, unless a prior arrangement has been made.

If no appropriate person (for example, over 18 years old) is available and at the delivery address to receive the order or, if you’re required to be present at the time of delivery and you aren’t present at that time, we unfortunately can’t deliver your order.

In this instance, we’ll endeavour to contact you or you can call us to arrange for delivery at a different time. 

Note: we may also charge an additional delivery fee for that replacement delivery and any subsequent deliveries.

Returns & refunds

Due to hygienic reasons, we can't offer returns & refunds.

Problems with my mattress

If your mattress isn’t right, we’ll need to establish proof of purchase. If the product is faulty, we may offer you a refund, repair or exchange.

Where the product fault is difficult to determine by a store representative, we’ll need to speak to the manufacturer or repair agent to determine the fault and possible resolution.

 Unfortunately, we can’t offer a refund or exchange where the product has sustained damage due to inappropriate use, whether that’s been identified by a store representative, the product manufacturer or repair agent.

If the product doesn’t match its advertised description, your store of purchase/delivery may provide you with a refund or source a new product (if available) or similar product.

Changing my order

Please choose carefully. Most of our products can’t be resold once unwrapped, due to health or hygiene reasons.

Product orders have been placed to meet your specific order. Due to this reason we don’t normally give refunds or offer exchanges or credits if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. 


A cancellation fee of 20% is applicable on the total price when you cancel your order.