Sleepmaker Lifestyle Mattress - Double Medium Feel

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SleepMaker Lifestyle® mattresses are available with Duracoil support systems and various comfort levels to ensure we have a mattress to suit your sleep needs.

Support System
The patented Z shaped coils of the SleepMaker Duracoil cover the full surface area of the bed offering greater support across the entire mattress.

Climatex® Quilt: Breathable Sleep Surface

The Climatex® Quilt pressure-relieving quilted sleep surface provides you with a luxurious cushioning effect. With the super fine cell structure of Dreamfoam® made by Dunlop Foams, it offers superior breathability while at the same time minimising uneven wear on the mattress surface.

Allergy Control Pressure Relieving Comfort Layer

Ultra-Fresh® is applied to all Dunlop Foams cushioning layers to give you a fresh, clean and more hygienic sleep experience by helping protect against asthma and allergy triggers, including dust mites.

Partner Disturbance Minimisation

The structure of the springs help to reduce the tendancy of two bodies to roll together and combined with additional stability, results in less partner disturbance.

Temperature Neutrality
The Lifestyle Mattress collection contains Climates Quilt Breathable surface with Knitted Fabric.

The Lifestyle Mattress Collection comes with 5 Year Warranty from SleepMaker.