Superior Mattress Double

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Superior Mattress is great mattress for someone looking for kids or extra room. This mattress is made from Bonnell or Duracoil spring system.

Support System
The patented Z shaped coils of the SleepMaker Duracoil cover the full surface area of the bed offering greater support across the entire mattress.

Comfort Layer
The Cormorant Mattress uses quality Ultra Fresh Non Allergic Dunlop foams medium in density to support the feel of each of the beds within this range.

Partner Disturbance Minimisation
The structure of the springs help to reduce the tendancy of two bodies to roll together and combined with additional stability, results in less partner disturbance.

Temperature Neutrality
The Mattress contains Climates Quilt Breathable surface with Knitted Fabric.

The Superior Mattress comes with 5 Year Warranty from SleepMaker.